Thu. Aug 6th, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Have New Eye Tracking Scrolling Feature

Galaxy S IV, Samsung Galaxy smartphone, next-gen Galaxy

Okay, admittedly, this is a very intriguing feature no matter which OS you favor. If you’ve ever wanted to scroll using something besides your finger, you’re in luck if a report from the New York Times turns out to be true.

A NYT source inside Samsung has claimed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV will utilize the camera for more than just taking photos or videos. The new flagship will introduce eye-based scrolling, which is said to allow users the ability to scroll without lifting a finger. The device will be able to detect when a user is looking at the bottom of a page and will automatically scroll down on its own.

If this rumor proves true, we’ll definitely be wanting to try it for ourselves, and if it works well, it will bring a whole new level of interaction to cellular devices (imagine being able to play a mobile game or use an app like Flipboard with this functionality). It will all be unveiled on March 14th, though it’s not clear if a demonstration of this new functionality will occur on that date.