Facebook’s Messenger app for Android now includes free VoIP calls for Canadian users, a feature that was first tested on the iOS version in mid-January and then rolled out to all users in the U.S. and Canada on January 25. The newest update brings Facebook Messenger for Android up to par with the iOS version.

The VoIP calls use your existing data plan to place the calls, so if you’re using a global SIM card, make sure you’re either utilizing wi-fi connections whenever possible or a bundle pack (if available) to keep your international roaming costs down. Of course, those on national networks with limited data plans would benefit from utilizing wi-fi as well.

This latest update also brings some additional changes to group conversations, such as the ability to name a group from the top of a conversation, swipe left to see all your conversations, and search conversations by a friend’s name. It’s not known when this new update will arrive in the U.S., but for Canadians, it’s now available in Google Play.