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IMO Messenger, the service that allows you to connect to up to 11 social network accounts at once, has just rolled out an update to its beta channel that’s available on Android devices.

The update (version 3.2.7) rolls out compatibility with Google’s newly-released Google Plus Sign-in feature, which means you can now sign up for the IMO network with your Google Plus social network account. This is, of course, somewhat expected seeing as how IMO was co-created by former Google Engineer Georges Harik.

It’s true you could sign in to the app with your Google account before and chat with your Plus friends via Google Chat, but this is different, in that it allows you to sign up and use the actual IMO social chat service, not just sign in to use your Google chat with the app.

Of course, users still have the option of signing up for the IMO network service using their phone number or other existing social network accounts, but another way to sign up is always welcome in our books. If you’re ready to get started using your Google account, the update for IMO Messenger Beta is now available for download in the Google Play store, and will be rolling out to the main IMO Messenger channel once beta testing has been completed.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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