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There have been some Windows Phone users who have been wondering when 1080p support would be coming to the WP8 platform, a question that was answered recently in a report from The Verge.

According to that report, Microsoft is expected to add 1080p resolution support for Windows Phone 8 displays later this year with the General Distribution Release (GDR3) software release to OEMs. The release is expected in the coming months and will provide a resolution that will reportedly only be for displays 5 inches and greater, allowing some new WP8-powered “phablets” to make their way to the market, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Currently, Windows Phone can only support up to 768 and 720 resolutions and while this is an improvement over the old Windows Mobile OS, it’s behind what is currently possible on Android (although, to be fair, WP8 still looks fantastic in 768).

This could bode well for HTC, who cancelled their 4.7″ “Zenith” device due to the poor resolution offerings on WP8. It’s possible that this latest move by Microsoft could lead to the resurrection of that device. App developers, too, will be able to develop for the higher resolutions, leading to updates galore when the support is rolled out later in 2013.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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