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We love tweaking, and we love updates; this makes us big fans of CyanogenMod. If you’re a fan of using your VoIP and messaging apps or SIM card services on modified phones, too, you’ll be happy to know that the time of flashing those many beta builds of Android 4.2.2-based CyanogenMod 10.1 are finally coming to an end (for now) with the soon-to-be-finalized version release date nigh.

Release Candidate builds are now available for installation. CyanogenMod 10.1 RC1 supported devices include the following (obtained from CyanogenMod via Engadget):

  • a700 (Acer Iconia Tab A700)
  • captivatemtd (Samsung Captivate)
  • crespo (Nexus S)
  • crespo4g (Nexus S 4G)
  • d2att (Samsung Galaxy S III – AT&T)
  • d2cri (Samsung Galaxy S III – Cricket)
  • d2mtr (Samsung Galaxy S III – MetroPCS)
  • d2spr (Samsung Galaxy S III – Sprint)
  • d2tmo (Samsung Galaxy S III – T-Mobile)
  • d2vzw (Samsung Galaxy S III – Verizon)
  • e975 (LG Optimus G – Intl.)
  • endeavoru (HTC One X – Tegra 3)
  • epicmtd (Samsung Epic 4G)
  • galaxysmtd (Samsung Galaxy S)
  • grouper (Nexus 7 – WiFi)
  • hercules (Samsung Galaxy S II – T-Mobile)
  • i9100g (Samsung Galaxy S II – Intl.)
  • maguro (Galaxy Nexus)
  • mako (Nexus 4)
  • manta (Nexus 10)
  • odroidu2
  • otter (Amazon Kindle Fire)
  • otter2 (Amazon Kindle Fire HD)
  • p3100 (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 – GSM)
  • p3110 (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 – WiFi)
  • p5100 (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 – GSM)
  • p5110 (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 – WiFi)
  • p760 (LG Optimus L9)
  • p880 (LG Optimus 4X HD)
  • p930 (LG Nitro HD / Optimus LTE)
  • quincyatt (Samsung Galaxy Note – AT&T)
  • quincytmo (Samsung Galaxy Note – T-Mobile)
  • skyrocket (Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket)
  • steelhead (Nexus Q)
  • su640 (LG Optimus LTE – SK Telecom)
  • tf700t (Asus Transformer Pad Infinity)
  • tilapia (Nexus 7 – GSM)
  • toro (Galaxy Nexus – Verizon)
  • toroplus (Galaxy Nexus – Sprint)
  • vs920 (LG Spectrum)

The time of CyanogenMod is almost at hand.

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By Josh Robert Nay

Josh Robert Nay is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of TruTower. He has worked in the telecommunications industry since 2003 and specializes in GSM based technology. He also uses (too many) VoIP apps and is a long-time user of BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone. He adores anything having to do with space exploration and writing. In addition to the links below, he can be found on LinkedIn and can also be found on his website at