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We’re always excited when a new application comes along that makes it easier for users at home or traveling abroad to consume content on the go. Vodio, a video curator application that has just launched for , is one of these apps.

Vodio debuted on iOS devices, starting with the iPad in early 2012 and making its way to the iPhone in August.

The company has told TruTower that over 1,000,000 hours of video consumed over 10 million user sessions consisting of over 35 million individual videos. Essentially, the service aggregates videos from news outlets, as well as users’ YouTube channel subscriptions and organizes them into channels within the app.

The app performed quite well in our tests, with no lag whatsoever. We didn’t experience any force close issues until we attempted to run the app alongside another without exiting on our first attempt. The second time we tried, it seemed to work without any trouble.

Vodio Video app, Android apps, Video Curator

When you first open the application, the app populates your feeds with content from a number of pre-loaded news sources. You can also add other sources, including TruTower as shown above.

Vodio allows you to “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” any videos you do or don’t like, so that videos are targeted to your own personal preferences. There’s also the option to share videos on social networks and cloud services such as SkyDrive, as well as view posts from your social network accounts. You can also turn on the option to automatically post every watched video to Twitter and Facebook if you so choose.

Navigation is simple: to move between different channels, swipe left or right; to see more videos you just swipe up or down; to save something to watch later, tap the clock icon to add it to your “Watch Later” list. The menu button brings up a big list of self-explanatory options. This is where you’ll link your social accounts, rate Vodio, get help, and more.

Overall, Vodio was easy to use and gave us a really impressive way to enjoy our videos on Android while away from our computers. If you’re a person who enjoys consuming video content, you may find Vodio for Android offers an unparalleled experience.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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