Thu. Aug 6th, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Reaches Over 20 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy smartphone, Android smartphone

It may not have been the most innovative smartphone to come out of the Samsung offices, but the Galaxy S 4 has seen a decent level of success on store shelves since its launch, and is experiencing steady sales, having reached 10 million in sales at the end of May.

According to SamMobile, the company’s Android flagship has reached 20 million total device sales so far.

It’s worth noting that its predecessor, the Galaxy S III had reached the same 20 million sales milestone in its first 100 days of availability and reached 30 million in total sales by its 6th month.

The Galaxy S 4 has also spawned a few iterations, including the micro-sized Galaxy S 4 Mini and the photography-targeted Galaxy S 4 Zoom, though neither has seen even close to the success of the main model.

It’s easy to see why Samsung has been credited with the success of the Android operating system, but with new Tizen-powered handsets launching this August, the company is looking to decrease its dependence on Android and could eventually make the move completely from Google’s OS in favor of their own.