Oh, that beloved imo.im beta app and its ability to let users experience brand new features before they’re rolled out to anyone else. Many of these new features make the beta version the undisputed preference for imo.im users on mobile devices, though it may not have the stability of the main version. Still, it would be great to see many app developers take this approach when performing group testing for their own apps.

With its newest beta carrying the version moniker 3.4.5, imo.im has added a few minor additions to its list of features. Among them, image previews for YouTube broadcasts, which allow users to see thumbnails of video shares across the IMO network.

In addition, the ability to add friends via SMS has also been added, along with a new batch of bug fixes to boot. The Broadcast tab is not localized by region, and this has the potential to present users with content they may not otherwise wish to see. Adding features such as tags and categories would go a long way in alleviating this problem and bring the IMO network with its Broadcasts tab up to par with social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

But we digress. The new update is now available for download in Google Play. Happy messaging!