A little more than two weeks ago, LINE users on Android were greeted with a new theme, new emoji, and new features. Now, these same features are available as of now for users of Apple devices.

As on Android, the latest version of LINE for iOS adds a new Brown theme to the app. New Emoji have also been added alongside the theme, featuring the much beloved LINE characters.

Also notable with the new update, stickers can be redownloaded when switching to a new device, so you no longer have to worry about losing your stickers whenever you’re ready to upgrade your phone. Additionally, the number of characters in each message has been extended to a whopping 10,000 (anyone need a message that long?), and an icon has been added to manage pop up notifications for new messages.

Remember the LINE update for Android from yesterday that added a Note-taking feature to one-on-one chats? Well, where it required two separate updates for Android, LINE has bundled all these feature roll outs into one giant update for iOS devices.

Finally, the developers have added a new option to turn notifications on or off for multiple member chat rooms. Be sure to grab the new update from iTunes and stay up to date on all things LINE right here.