Microsoft today announced an update to Skype for Windows Phone 8 that the company says incorporates user feedback by making improvements to how contacts are managed and the home screen layout. Microsoft is adding performance improvements and tweaks to the UI. The home screen has been changed into a pivot design to let users swipe between recent, favorites, and contacts.

After being told by Skype users that they would like to see Windows Phone contacts and Skype contacts split out in the Skype People List, Microsoft added the People List Filter so you can see either all your contacts, just Skype contacts, or only available contacts. All in all, the design gives the mobile app a lot more in common with its Windows 8 counterpart.

Unfortunately there’s still no support to send Skype Video Messages, leaving a gaping hole for Windows Phone users that has already been filled for users on other operating systems, something that feels sad and ironic at the same time considering the fact that its Microsoft’s own OS.

Still, this is only version 2.9, so it’s possible we could see this and more major features make the bill for the version 3.0 milestone. All we can do is wait and see and hope that we’ll be able to send video messages soon. We’ll keep everyone up to date on our official Skype page. For now, you can grab the latest update in the Windows Phone Store.