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Global carrier WorldSIM has revealed that it will be donating roaming SIM cards to enable young entrepreneurs to communicate globally at lower costs and free roaming in over 90 countries. The company is donating the SIM cards as part of its effort to support growth and prosperity in the African continent in support of the African Leadership Academy (ALA).

The non-profit ALA will focus on “developing young entrepreneurs into leaders” over the course of the next 50 years, as it continually strives to find solutions to some of the challenges Africa faces. WorldSIM is supporting the ALA in its effort to “grow a network of 6,000 leaders.”

The work that The African Leadership Academy have been doing is really inspiring and WorldSIM are pleased to be able to support this worthwhile cause,” said Arif Reza, CEO at WorldSIM. “Our SIM cards will give free roaming in many African countries and greatly reduce mobile phone bills so these budding young entrepreneurs can focus on the important work that they have ahead of them without the worry of hefty international roaming charges.”

A ceremony called The Anzisha Prize will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa on August 30th to recognize and celebrate the next generation of entrepreneurs for the region, and where a $75,000 prize will be rewarded.

WorldSIM also recently partnered with Visit Britain to bring its service to European nations and launched free roaming in the Euro Zone last month.

It’s great to see companies flexing their corporate muscles for the good of humanity, and here’s hoping we’ll see more collaborations such as this in the future!

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By Josh Robert Nay

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