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If you’re planning a trip to Australia, you’ll also want a way to keep yourself “Bill Shock” free. Globalgig is one such solution, operating both a SIM card and a mobile hotspot service in 40 countries.

Globalgig’s SIM card works with Windows 8 and Android tablets as well as iPads and smartphones and SIM-enabled laptops. Their mobile WiFi hotspot solution can connect up to five users simultaneously.

“[Globalgig’s] service is low cost in Australia and internationally and there are no lock in contracts,” said Dick Smith CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Nick Abboud. “As a result you can use your mobile data overseas in the same way you would in Australia and there is no bill shock. All in all Globalgig is a true consumer champion in mobile data, something Dick Smith customers will very much appreciate.”

This new deal will give Globalgig a “significant presence” in over 330 Dick Smith stores across Australia and Dick Smith’s website, and reach over five million households per month through the Dick Smith catalogue. As a leading supplier of travel accessories, Dick Smith is also one of the most common destinations for Australian travellers preparing to go overseas.

“Dick Smith have a proven track record of success in the telecommunications industry so partnering with them to launch Globalgig to the mass market makes perfect sense,” said Globalgig channel sales and marketing manager, Matt Farmer.

“Dick Smith are specialists in good quality, cost effective electronics and travel products. By using Globalgig, due to our low data rates, Dick Smith customers can now use their smartphones, tablets, laptops and mobile devices in Australia and 39 countries overseas without having to change their data habits at all.”

Globalgig has three data SIM-only no-contract plans. It offers services in 11 ‘first tier’ countries, including Australia; Austria; Denmark; Hong Kong; Ireland; Italy; Portugal; Spain; Sweden; UK; and USA. In addition, the service also operates in 29 ‘second tier’ countries, including Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey and Vatican City.

Once the $2 SIM card or $49 pocket-sized mobile hotspot is purchased, users can choose between two plans. The first is a $9 per month plan that provides 1GB worth of data in Australia, while providing $19 per GB service when roaming internationally.

The second plan costs $19 per month for 1GB, $35 for 3GB, or $49 for 5GB and works in all 11 first tier countries, while providing 20 cents per MB coverage in the second tier countries.

Users can view additional rates and plans and also procure a Globalgig device for themselves by visiting Globalgig’s website.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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