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One of the most annoying side effects of adding some friends or sharing your Kik Messenger information with someone you don’t know is, inevitably, you’ll get someone you would really rather not talk to again for various reasons. Some people simply change their username, but there is a much easier way to ensure that they won’t be able to send that unwanted chat, and it allows you to keep your username.

Blocking users on Kik can allow you to keep your username while keeping the undesirables out

Blocking is one of those often overlooked features in most social applications and Kik is no exception. Changing a username is not only more time consuming for you, it is also more difficult, as then you have to go through the tedious task of adding all of your friends back, including those you may not have in your address book. Blocking keeps your account entact while keeping you connected to the contacts you want.

First of all, make sure you have the latest version of Kik on your device.

With Kik, blocking a contact is very simple to do. Once you’ve decided which contact or contacts you’d like to block, access Settings, select Privacy, and then Block List. You’ll see a list of users (if any) that you’ve blocked in the past. You’ll also see a plus symbol — on Android and iPhone, this symbol is at the top right, while on Windows Phone, it’s in the bottom center. Tap this and then simply tap the contact you wish to block.

Blocking is done privately, without the other party being made aware of the fact that they’ve been blocked

Your contact will not be informed and will be unaware that you’ve blocked them.

If you’d ever like to unblock the contact in the future, access the Block List once again, tap on the contact and then tap Unblock.

Best of all, doing all this, you keep your username and no longer inconvenience yourself or your contacts or friends by changing it (that is, by deleting your account and starting a new one) every time you want to get rid of someone.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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