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International carrier GigSky recently announced the expansion of its international mobile broadband data service to more than 70 countries worldwide as it, like other international SIM cards in the space, looks to tear down borders forever and connect the world in a way that national carriers can very rarely do.

The GigSky international SIM card can be used on 3G and 4G networks in over 70 countries, providing rates that can hit as low as $0.10 per MB. The SIM works with any unlocked smartphone, tablet, mobile broadband hotspot and data-ready USB dongle, and is complimented by the iOS7 ready Gigsky App currently available in the Apple iTunes app store. GigSky is ready for use with current iPads as well as those introduced a couple of days ago.

Additionally, GigSky will provide 10MB of FREE mobile broadband service the first time travelers land in each country where GigSky offers coverage.

“Breaking down the borders and barriers that inhibit communications in a data driven society is at the core of our DNA,” said GigSky Founder – Ravi Rishy-Maharaj. “Considering how so many of us now live mobile lives, it’s unimaginable that staying connected globally remains an issue, and that’s how GigSky offers value.”

As we’ve seen in the latest research, international roaming costs can negatively affect both business and personal use of devices when roaming abroad due to the increased expense, especially that experienced outside of Europe since the region drastically lowered roaming costs on July 1. It could get even worse if roaming charges are completely banned there. This is where services like GigSky can help greatly.

“In addition to the obvious benefits to global travelers, GigSky can also offer mobile operators a way to reduce their customer-acquisition costs and the number of sales agents to provide value-based services for their international travelers,” said Rishy-Maharaj.

It’s always great to see services pushing for lower roaming costs for all of us. Here’s hoping we’ll be seeing more innovations from GigSky in the near future.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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