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LiveProfile, a messaging app available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry has just announced via email that it will be shutting down, effective December 1st.

Though the New York City-based company didn’t say specifically why it was making this decision (and as of this writing, the official blog and certain parts of the website are no longer working), it may be due to the highly competitive messaging landscape.

LiveProfile is pushing its users to use BlackBerry Messenger instead

The company is currently pushing users toward BBM, citing that its recent availability made it the “best place” to chat and share with friends on the three aforementioned operating systems.

The official email reads:

LiveProfile, meet BBM

LiveProfile is shutting down – not to worry, Now that BBM is available!

We are truly grateful for your support over the last three years. Unfortunately LiveProfile will be shutting down on December 1st. But not to worry, BBM is your best place for chatting and sharing with your friends on BlackBerry, iPhone® and Android™. BBM gives you features you won’t find on other messenger apps. Things like delivery and read notifications so you always know your messages arrived, BBM Groups that let you connect and share with up to 30 friends at once, and a BBM PIN that helps protects your privacy. And that’s just the start.

Of course, while BBM isn’t the only alternative by any means, it’s certainly one to consider. You can download BBM here or see if another app fits your personality a little better.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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