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Mobal is one of the global roaming pioneers and has been since 1989. The company provides convenient, practical mobile phone packages with handsets, smartphones and SIM cards, and aims to make its service even better with the announcement of new offers for its new and existing customers during the busy holiday travel season.

For starters, Mobal allows travelers from the United States to save up to 75 percent over their national carriers when making calls in Europe. New rates now being offered by Mobal can reach as low as $0.42 per minute with the purchase of a $100 calling bundle.

The second offer is one reserved for DOODAD users. As many of you are aware, DOODAD officially closed its doors on October 28, leaving an empty void in the international roaming community. Mobal is looking to fill this void as best it can with a special offer to the 1,500+ DOODAD customers that includes free data-roaming SIM cards and free shipping for travelers who replace their DOODAD SIM with a comparable Mobal SIM.

According to an FCC survey, 30 million Americans, or one in six wireless users, have experienced “bill shock,” or a sudden, unexpected increase in their wireless bills as a result of data usage or international travel fees. For those who rely on their mobile phones for business, the average cost of their monthly data roaming bill shock was $1,089, according to a 2012 Mobile Workforce Report.

“The world phone eliminates … headaches [and is] guaranteed to work as reliably as your everyday phone in countries across the world — at a fraction of the cost.”

“Unfortunately, many Americans assume that their only choice is to spend hours on the phone with mobile carriers working out a deal. Then, too often they still run the risk of exceeding data plans while abroad and facing dreaded bill shock,” said Jared Owen, chief marketing officer of Mobal. “The world phone eliminates these headaches. It’s shipped to your home, and guaranteed to work as reliably as your everyday phone in countries across the world — at a fraction of the cost. And in today’s always-on, hyper-connected age, we are less willing to ‘unplug’ while on holiday vacations, as we rely on our cell phones for communication and information, such as directions, translations, etc.”

With the purchase of a Mobal world phone or SIM card, customers have the same phone number on every trip for the life of the phone. With the recently introduced new lower rates in Europe, Mobal now offers some of the most competitive packages currently on the market for US travelers. Because Mobal never requires monthly fees or pre-payment, customers are able to pay only for the minutes they use.

To learn more about these offers and to take advantage of the free SIM and shipping offer, visit the official Mobal website.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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