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International calling can be a nightmare. Many users tryto avoid “bill shock” by limiting their usage, which in turn can leave them feeling disconnected from their friends and family back home.

Pervasip Corporation has come up with an app-based solution and has just announced that its VoX Mobile app is the first mobile VoIP-based Android application to offer its users the ability to choose an international telephone number from a list of 57 countries, freeing them from having to pick a US-based telephone number, which only benefits US-based callers.

VoX users can utilize unlimited inbound calling anywhere in the world for low cost.

The numbers give VoX a unique advantage when compared to its competition by including unlimited inbound calling — no matter where in the world you are — at an average monthly cost of $9.95. Other leading mobile VoIP carriers, such as Skype, do not offer such a large variety of international phone numbers, and Vonage offers international phone numbers, but not for its mobile app subscribers.

“We believe this app can become the favorite app of international travelers and business owners alike,” noted Mark Richards, CIO of VoX. “Our customers can select a telephone number from a variety of international local area codes, and their family, friends and customers abroad can call them at the price of a local number. Imagine if your mother is home in China but you are living in the United States. With VoX, you could choose a local phone number from China, mom can call you any time of the day or night on your mobile phone, and her local phone company is going to think she is calling a phone number across the street. The chances are that mom has unlimited local calling on her landline at home, so there will be no charge when she calls your VoX app, even when you are overseas.”

Many VoIP providers offer discounted phone service for making international calls, but VoX is the first mobile VoIP app to make incoming calls available on an unlimited basis for users in the 57 countries area (listed below) whether they’re at home or not, without having to keep all calling parties on the same mobile application.

The VoX Mobile app is available available as a free download in Google Play.

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