Snapchat Sees 400 Million Photo Messages Per Day, Twice As Many As June

We all knew cross-platform photo and video messaging app Snapchat was popular, but we didn’t have any concrete numbers to show how popular it really was, until now.

Snapchat users now share 400 million “snaps,” which include photos and videos, each day according to BI, a number that is twice that reported in June. This puts Snapchat on par with Facebook in regard to photos alone. Facebook users share 350 million photos on average daily according to Mashable sources.

Snapchat users and Facebook users share the same amount of photos.

Photo messaging via Snapchat is clearly very popular and continues to grow rapidly, but one can’t help but wonder if Facebook’s initial offer for the app is one that Snapchat should have accepted. The CEO didn’t want to sell reportedly due to his belief that Snapchat was undervalued at $3 billion because of its continually massive growth. Was he right? It’s too early to say for sure at this point.

If you haven’t yet joined the network, you can download the latest version of Snapchat here and start sharing your own photos and videos.