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Censorship is a hot button to press, and it seems Microsoft is pressing it a bit more lately on its new Xbox One console. No, we’re not talking about Skype’s Chinese counterpart TOM-Skype censorship, but numerous reports today have clarified that Microsoft is temporarily banning users for swearing.

Apparently the suspension is affecting those who have utilized the Skype app and Upload Studio on Xbox One that have cussed in content. Yes, private Skype calls too, at least according to one Twitter user:

Banned users can no longer utilize the apps in question and due to “past behavior” they are directed to “choose something else to play.” The suspension is reportedly hitting at least a dozen users.

The temporary ban appears to be 24 hours in length and users are still able to post M-rated gameplay content even during this ban period. This falls in line with the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, which does prohibit members from using “profane words/phrases” in their profiles, avatars, Gamertag, but does not cover content that gamers share or create.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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