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After amassing 300 million total users and the successful launch of LINE Dozer, Japan-based messaging phenomenon LINE has also just announced the release of its newest game, LINE RunRun Hero, which plays exactly like it sounds.

Players take control of a pixelated hero while swiping up and down their screens to move and fell equally pixelated enemies to save a princess from an evil warlock, both of which are (of course) pixelated. Which is certainly okay with us. Old school-style gameplay is arguably the best.

RPG elements are everywhere in LINE RunRun Hero

Players move their character up and down between five different paths to avoid and defeat enemies, collect coins and other goodies, and avoid the dreaded “Danger” bringing enemies — consisting of Death and a fiery red dragon — which cannot be defeated and must simply be dodged. If you run low on HP, your screen flashes red and you’ll have to get yourself some hearts to heal HP. The RPG elements are certainly everywhere in RunRun Hero, including leveling up and adding warriors and magic practitioners to your tiny army.

In pure old-school “Streets of Rage” charm, RunRun Hero also includes boss battles at the end of each stage. Players have to find their weak points to defeat them and steal their much coveted treasure for the sole purpose of earning high points (and the coinage isn’t too bad either).

Of course, it wouldn’t be a LINE game without the social aspect intact. RunRun Hero also features a multiplayer Cooperative Battle System so multiple players can partake in pixelated adventures together.

LINE RunRun Hero is available for download via iTunes and Google Play. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure you have the latest version of LINE on your device as well.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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