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A few days ago, Skype for Apple’s mobile devices received an update that included a few changes with Mac OS changes occurring just before that. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a major update for Windows Phone, the last of which was way back in October.

However, Microsoft issued an update for Skype on Windows Phone today that includes boosts to the startup time, cutting down “the time it takes for the app and your recent conversations to load when you start up Skype from the tile.”

Skype now includes faster startup time, copy and paste, and high contrast mode.

If you’re wanting to save your messages (or any other reason you’ll need it), a “copy and paste” ability for instant messaging conversations is now also available. To use it, simply press and hold a message, select copy, and then paste it wherever you wish.

A high-contrast mode has also been added to the app, so if you have the “high contrast” option under your Windows Phone’s settings switched to “on”, you’ll be presented with the high contrast option upon opening Skype.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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