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Even as many took time off to celebrate the holidays, things at the LINE offices kept plugging along as demonstrated by the newest release in the LINE Game arsenal, LINE Dash Girl.

Dash Girl is much like your run-of-the-mill running platformer, with the object of the game being to collect as many coins and diamonds as possible while causing devastation to your enemies. As with many games in the genre, timing is very important in LINE Dash Girl. Tapping the left button will allow you to attack enemies while tapping the button on the right will enable you to jump over obstacles and nab items. All the while, you will be running non-stop through the levels.

Fill up the Dash Time meter to engage invincibility run

Unlike many endless runners, though, killing enemies plays a key role. In LINE Dash Girl, players utilize their skills at dealing blows to the baddies in order to fill the “Dash Time” gauge at the top of the screen. Filling the Dash Time will allow players to use a “super dash” that also renders their character invincible.

A little character customization is also part of the experience, as are boss battles and, of course, multiplayer capabilities in the form of beating friends’ high scores for bragging rights. To add a little bit of extra burnage, your friends’ profile images also appears wherever they perished in a given stage so you’ll know in an instant when they’ve been bested by you. On the flipside, they’ll also know when they’ve bested you as well.

The game is free to download via Google Play or iTunes. Don’t forget to make sure you download the latest version of the LINE app onto your device. Here’s to a good run!

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