Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

Audio File Sending Via WhatsApp Messenger May Soon Come to Windows Phone Devices

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Being able to send pre-recorded video messages in WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone is a relatively new affair, and it looks like WP users may have something even more to look forward to on the horizon.

Windows Phone users may gain the ability to share music and sound effects with their friends via WhatsApp

WhatsApp could (via) be gaining the ability to send mp3s on the platform as well as indicated by the translation string below that is present in the application. It reads “This audio is too big at over {0}. Only the first {1} of the audio will be sent.”

On other platforms the transfer limit is 16 MB. MP3 files are generally smaller than this, but it of course depends on length, quality, etc. Still, this size will accomodate most mp3 files, and is a clear indicator that the ability to share music and sounds is a forthcoming addition to the app.

WhatsApp has been rolling out update after update to its Windows Phone iteration, and sets the bar for other developers on the platform for support. If you’re on Windows Phone, you can download WhatsApp right here.

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