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The newest addition to LINE app’s gaming lineup is a platformer involving the LINE characters — mainly Brown, Cony, James, and Moon — and the diabolical Boss, who has apparently stolen treasure. Your mission? To steal it back!

As is quite customary with other games on the LINE messaging platform, LINE Party Run features simplistic controls — just tap the screen to jump over obstacles. Of course, it’s all about timing. While you’re running, you’ll lose HP, so keep your HP filled by snagging drinks you find as you fly through each level. As expected, you’ll lose even more HP if you should allow yourself to be pummeled by the aforementioned obstacles. Jumping on characters-turned-baddies in the levels will also help you fill your HP.

The characters have different abilities to help you steal back the treasure

Each of the LINE characters comes with 8 abilities depending on the suit you’re wearing, so be sure to try them all out and see which one works best for you. I recommend Maid Cony and the shields. You’ll also be able to enlist Sally and any one of her abilities (19 according to LINE) to give you a helping hand. You can also turn into a giant, which helps to grab items you might otherwise miss.

The object of the game is to not only steal back treasure, but to increase your score — very similar to many other games on LINE. Candy is strewn about each stage, so be sure to grab as much as you can and upgrade the candy’s levels often to boost your score. A bonus round is also present in the game, achievable by grabbing all of the letters in the level to spell out (predictably) “BONUS.” A multiplayer aspect is, of course, also part of LINE Party Run.

LINE Party Run can be downloaded for free via Google Play and iTunes. Go get yourself a little treasure!

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By Josh Robert Nay

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