Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

Telegram Messenger is Now Available for Windows Phone With a Beta Label

Telegram, messaging apps, windows phone app gap close

The number of calling and messaging apps that aren’t available for Windows Phone yet continues to fall with only a few small pieces remaining. One more has made the list of available: Telegram Messenger, which has just launched as Telegram Messenger Beta v in the Windows Phone Store.

With over 35 million active users as of the end of March, Telegram now has the ability to tap into millions of Windows Phone users and grow its potential user base against its growing competition.

The app was originally branded as Ngram, but has been rebranded as the official app after Telegram open sourced their platform and launched a “sorta-contest” that saw Ngram become the eventual winner, and the software that would become the official Telegram app.

If you’re running Microsoft’s mobile platform (or you’re moving to it) and you’ve been waiting for Telegram to make the move, now is the time. Telegram’s beta app can be downloaded via the Windows Phone Store.