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There is already a huge (and growing) messaging market but there are still even more apps lurking in the shadows that have yet to light up TruTower‘s pages. Dumbstruck is one such app, and right now it’s exclusive to iOS (though the company does have an Android version in beta).

users can capture reactions to photo and video messages shared with friends

Dumbstruck serves as an “entertainment platform where users can capture reactions to the interesting and engaging photo and video messages shared with friends,” and today, the developers have announced the launch of several new features that should keep users of iPhones, iPads, and iPods stuck to their screens.

With the new enhancements, you can take videos with the phone’s camera, or download videos from other websites and apps, and share them via Dumbstruck. Maximum video length was also extended from 6 seconds to 10 seconds a la Snapchat; some visual enhancements are also part of the new experience, including 36 of the most popular memes for use directly in the app, new paintbrush and sticker features, and 11 different custom filters. Additionally, there was a major overhaul of the camera design, which was necessary in order to house all of the content and editing features that were added to the app.

visual enhancements are part of the new experience

These features came about after the company “consistently” monitored user feedback and trends within the application an look to “enhance” users’ abilities to create content and keep the app’s growth momentum rolling. The result is a major improvement in the aesthetics of the camera.

“Developing and launching Dumbstruck in a matter of two months was an exciting accomplishment”

“Developing and launching Dumbstruck in a matter of two months was an exciting accomplishment for us,” said Peter Allegretti, co-founder of Dumbstruck. “We have been shocked by the success and quick adoption of our app and our main goal over the next several months is to continue introducing disruptive features that drive user downloads and increase engagement levels of all users.”

The company also hinted that it’s looking to expand its services “beyond just the average consumer” and that this new update is the “first of many” it expects to release this year.

Dumbstruck can be downloaded for free via iTunes. For those on Android who would like to join the beta, you can do so here.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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