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Top Connect, the company behind the popular TravelSim GSM roaming service has announced that it will be showcasing its TravelSim regular and data only products at the Global Carrier Community Meeting (GCCM) in Singapore, which takes place from June 16 to June 17, 2014.

Top Connect representatives led by marketing director Vitali Smirnov will meet with predominantly South East Asian mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to put together distribution agreements that will assist Top Connect with its efforts of building its TravelSim user base to 5 million by end 2014. These new agreements will allow the aforementioned MVNOs to offer TravelSim benefits to customers traveling aborad, benefits that include free incoming calls and free worldwide SMS. TravelSim products can be used in 190 countries. Incoming calls to USA and UK TravelSim numbers are free from 66 countries.

GCCM events in London and Singapore each year are exclusive platforms for wholesale carrier service providers to discuss business opportunities for all members. They are mini “World Trade Centre” hubs aimed at opening business opportunities for members in the telecommunications sectors including voice, data, SMS, mobile, VAS, MVNO, ISP, cable and other related communication services.

GCCM has more than 3,000 members that occupy senior decision-making positions and represent more than 1,300 operators from over 120 countries.

“meetings with more potential MVNO partners will be key to our business strategy”

“GCCM events are important hubs for the global telecoms industry and Top Connect has been an active member for many years,” says Top Connect’s marketing director, Vitali Smirnov. “With our focus on strengthening our distribution networks to build TravelSim’s user base to 5 million in the coming months, successful GCCM Singapore meetings with more potential MVNO partners will be key to our business strategy.”

Each month, more than 80,000 new subscribers sign up for TravelSim, which currently has a user base of over 4 million. TravelSim recently embarked upon a “Think Global, Act Local” business strategy and is progressively rolling out local numbers for the most popular countries visited by business consumers and other global travelers.

The company’s TravelSim offerings can be purchased via the TravelSim website.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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