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A little more than two weeks ago, Skype released version 5.0 of its iPhone app which brought a little bit of Windows flare to the OS. However, many users quickly realized that the much loved voice messages feature was missing in action, something that was still missing even with a follow-up update to version 5.1, which added the ability to edit messages among other features.

“We’re already hard at work addressing your additional feedback”

However, it looks as though an update to restore this feature could eventually hit Apple devices; a Skype spokesperson (via) responded with:

“We introduced several new features as soon as they were ready with Skype 5.1 for iPhone. We’re already hard at work addressing your additional feedback so we can bring you more features in order to provide the best possible experience for our users. As always, please keep the feedback coming and help us create the best Skype experience for you.”

It’s not a clear answer that this specific feature will make a comeback, but the chances would undoubtedly be higher if enough feedback was provided to the Skype team to show them the future is in high demand.

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