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Clay Telecom has just upgraded its website to provide its users with richer user experience, customer flow is so important and falls on the pillars of navigation, usability and new features. Clay hopes the new website provides even more valuable product information and social media integration to assist its customers in their purchasing decisions.

“This is a significant strategic move to date. Though we’ve a formidable presence on ground, the revamped website will definitely help us grab more market- and mind-share. Besides, I’m an ardent fan of any change that touches the lives of our valued customers. Will launch the website this weekend. I can’t give you the exact time, as I believe in – release when ready,” said ED, Mr. Gaurav Dhawan.

“the revamped website will definitely help us grab more market- and mind-share”

This new website design is in addition to the e-commerce website launched back in April.

Clay describes the new website as “highly scannable,” which means it should take less time for you to find what you want. The website also leads faster (in what Clay calls “flip-seconds”) and the process has been streamlined so fewer steps have to be taken to find what you’re looking for. There have also been “numerous cosmetic changes” made across the entire site.

Clay will be launching its brand new website this weekend. Once it’s launched it can be found by clicking on this “website” button and don’t forget to look into those summer value 2014 packs while you’re at it.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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