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Stickers for messaging apps, provide an ever increasing number of ways to express your thoughts, feelings, and favorites in a way that simple static and tiny animated emoticons have failed to in the past.

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The latest collection of stickers for allow you to show off your sports fanaticism without favoring a particular team or player. If you like motocross, there’s an sticker for you. If you like weight lifting or body building, surfing or skiing, yoga or soccer, or even football, there are stickers for you too. We’ve compacted all of the new stickers in an animated GIF, which you can see on the left.

The sports stickers are static, so they don’t animate. Still, they provide more ways for you and your friends to show off your favorite sports.

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There are also weather stickers launching on as well. Unlike the aforementioned sports stickers, the weather stickers are animated, as you can see in the GIF on the right. The weather stickers don’t necessarily have to reflect the weather, as some people also use rain to signify when they’re depressed and sunlight when they’re happy, giving you a few new ways to express your current emotions.

The new stickers will be available on within the next 24 hours. You can get on your favorite Android and iOS device.

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