Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

BBM for Android and iOS Will Be Getting a “More Native” UI Facelift

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The BBM for Windows Phone UI resembles the platform it was built for to make it look more native, while BBM on iOS and Android actually takes its inspiration from the Cascades visuals found in the version available for BlackBerry 10.

At a Q&A during BlackBerry’s Security Summit in New York, however, Enterprise Chief John Sims said that a redesign is on the way that will make the two apps look more native to the platforms they were built for.

the BBM experience on Android and iOS “needs to be more of a native app experience”

According to Sims, previous managment in the Canadian smartphone maker was that it would be better to include the same UI design in iOS and Android versions as that of BB10. However, Sims now says the view has shifted and those thoughts on the design are “not the case” anyomre.

Sims believes said the BBM experience found on Apple and Google operating systems “needs to be more of a native app experience” and that users “can expect to see that manifest itself in our Android and iPhone BBM apps.”

Of course, no time frame was given for when exactly the updates will be coming out, but for now, you can enjoy BBM on iOS and Android in about the same way you can on BlackBerry’s own OS.