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The shooter game genre meets social thanks to Thunder Raid, the newest game on WeChat’s gaming platform.

Thunder Raid is a vertical-scrolling shooter game with advanced cartoon-style graphics. The goal is to put an end to the opposing faction by shooting down enemy planes and dodging their numerous attacks to collect gold coins and jewels.

Customize your vehicle as you progress through the game

Throughout the game, you’ll face hordes of obstacles, including bosses. Destroying them will allow you to level up and will unlock a bonus mode in which you try to obtain as high a score as possible. Your sky-faring vehicle is also customizable with a variety of different pilots, attack modes and terrains to choose from. You can also choose from five different types of planes, each outlined below.

  • Wind: Although it has a short attack range and low HP, its quick rate of fire makes it a worthy starting plane. Cheap upgrades give you easy access to more firepower.
  • Ruby: One step up from Wind, Ruby has more HP and firepower. With better trajectory and a higher rate of fire, this plane is a definite sharp shooter.
  • Candy: Don’t be deceived by this cute pink plane – its heart-shaped bombs have a much higher area of effect enabling you to attack multiple enemies all at once.
  • Andrew: This plane has extremely high speed and a lot of firepower, making it very tough for your enemies. Although its trajectory and HP are not great, Andrew causes maximum damage. Even the bosses are scared of this plane!
  • Ronnal: One look at this plane, and you’ll know it’s a cut above the rest. Quick speed, immense power and a great deal of HP – Ronnal is definitely the most superior out of all the planes!

You can join friends and play both cooperatively and competitively

As for the social elements, WeChat friends can join you in co-op missions and you can also battle them in competitions, the results of which you can then post to your Moments timeline on the WeChat app, giving you every opportunity to not only rub your skills in your friends’ faces, but have their skills rubbed in yours.

You can download WeChat to join the battle and play Thunder Raid on iOS and Android.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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