Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

Cat-Lovers and Fans of William Shakespeare Might Enjoy’s Newest Sticker Set

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The folks at have really been pushing out the stickers lately. Just last week, back to school stickers were released to get kids and parents in the mood for the inevitable roll call, with two new characters launching at the beginning of the month. That’s not even mentioning the slew of imo stickers that launched last month.

Now a new character is launching on the platform and he happens to have nine lives and carry the name of a famous William Shakespeare character (kind of). Romeow is the newest character in the imo family and was created by designer Lindsey Wilson.

Like other stickers on the platform the new Romeow stickers can be downloaded free of charge and should come in useful for those times when a simple emoticon just won’t do.

You can access the Sticker Shop to obtain the Romeow stickers by downloading the latest version of imo on Android, iPhone, iPad and Amazon.