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RebelFone is one of the leading global providers for voice and data solutions for international travel and has just announced that it has “refreshed” its entire product line with the introduction of new plans that look to help travelers abroad avoid bill shock.

The plans come in three types: Pay-As-You-Go, 15 days rental and 30 days rental, according to a RebelFone spokesperson. The global mobile service provider has also started offering data packs exclusively, which it says makes it “easier than ever to decide on a plan and make the purchase.”

“By breaking down the plans the way they are now, we offer more power on the hands of customers – the power of buying exactly the amount of data and talktime they actually need,” said the spokesperson who was not named. “To live a healthy and affordable digital life, our customers now need only an unlocked phone. RebelFone takes care of the rest.”

RebelFone states it’s targeted international travelers in an attempt to keep them connected with “their near and dear in their home countries anytime anywhere, at affordable [cost].”

The RebelFone service is offered via an alliance with 38 network partners around the globe. Find out more about the service on RebelFone’s website.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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