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We first caught wind of Tango Music Pix back in July when it was first leaked and then pulled from the iTunes App Store. Now the app is apparntly ready for launch and Tango is doing just that today.

Tango Music Pix is a standalone photo gallery app that allows you to select up to 10 photos on your smartphone and pair those photos with a music clip chosen from a catalog of three million songs, which is powered by music micro-licensing provider, Rumblefish. From there you can preview your Music Pix story and then share it with family and friends over 1:1 or group chat, or via Tango News Feed, Facebook, Twitter or email.

“[Tango is] expanding [its] ecosystem and mobile app offerings”

We were able to take Tango Music Pix for an early run and found it to be both easy to use and an interesting new way to share content with Tango friends. The photos and music you select can be combined to tell a unique story about your travels, hanging out with best friends, or even a concert in which you can match the pictures with the artist depicted in them.

“We’re excited to roll out Music Pix and allow our members to create their own 30-second shareable memory that they can easily bring into their conversations,” said Chi-Chao Chang, VP of Strategy at Tango. “We’re expanding our ecosystem and mobile app offerings. Music Pix is an example of that as a stand-alone app that integrates into Tango and while giving people new ways to share rich content.”

The Music Pix app was developed by a new group within the company called Tango Labs, which is focused on developing stand-alone apps that integrate into Tango’s core functionality.

“Two of the pillars of Tango, that our members tell us they love, are content discovery and social sharing. Now with Music Pix, our fans can create content of their own and share it across their networks,” said Uri Raz, CEO and founder of Tango. “The $280 million funding round led by Alibaba gave us the resources to expand our team of talented developers and give them a new outlet for their creative innovation.”

Tango Music Pix is now available globally on Android and can be downloaded via Google Play. The iOS version is coming later “this week.”

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By Josh Robert Nay

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