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Roam Mobility has just announced a new plan for Canadians traveling to the United States that it calls “North America’s lowest priced prepaid service.”

Called the Snowbird Talk+Text plan, Roam Mobility’s new offering includes unlimited nationwide talk, global text, and long distance calls to Canada for $19.95 CDN a month or sixty-seven cents a day. Roam Mobility is also doubling the amount of high-speed, 4G LTE data available with the Snowbird Talk+Text+Data plan – 2GB per month, in addition to unlimited 2G data, unlimited talk, and text all for $39.95 CDN a month – or $1.33 a day.

Roam Mobility is quick to point out the lack of hidden fees, no fine print, and that it doesn’t require its customers to upgrade to a new pricey shared plan or leave a high quality network in order to take advantage of the offer.

“Our goal has always been to make roaming an afterthought”

“Our goal has always been to make roaming an afterthought, so we’re pleased to provide Canadians living part-time in the U.S. with the lowest priced Tier 1 service in North America,” said Emir Aboulhosn, founder and CEO of Roam Mobility. “For less than $1 a day, Canadians can stay connected with their American friends as well as call family and friends back home in Canada; at a price that would make any American jealous and wondering why they can’t get the same deal.”

Roam Mobility’s new plan, like other offerings from the company and other roaming providers, works with any unlocked GSM based smartphone. Once you’ve purchased a Roam Mobility SIM, activate it online, and schedule your plan start date, you’re ready to go.

The company previously launched its new U.S. roaming plans in July, including the Snowbird plans.

“This year we’ve seen U.S. roaming rates come down thanks to certain carriers that are claiming to have the best price on roaming, so we encourage Canadians to read the fine print when looking for a U.S. roaming plan or find a more affordable service like Roam Mobility,” said Aboulhosn. “Customers tell us that they have been forced to switch plans with their carriers to save on roaming only to end up paying much more on their existing monthly plans. Roam Mobility provides transparent and straightforward plans – leaving our over 100,000 Canadian customers with one less thing to think about during their travels.”

The Roam SIM Card and other Roam Mobility products are available at over 2,300 locations across Canada including convenience stores, airports, duty- free stores, electronics retailers and travel stores. Roam Mobility products may also be purchased online via the company’s website.

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