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German messaging app cameoNet is now available as an iOS App for Phone und iPad in the iTunes App Store. The app was released on Android in mid-October and will also be coming soon to Windows Phone, Windows 8, MacOSX and Linux.

cameoNet offers full end-to-end encryption, which means messages, photos, videos, voice messages and other files can be securely transmitted. It uses the algorithms RSA-2048 Bit and AES 256. Therefore, messages are protected from external access or decryption attempts, and even cameoNet itself does not have access to the messages, which should prevent governments from attempting to access private data via the company’s servers.

“We not only wanted to offer secure and encrypted communication but also enable simple and comfortable usage.”

cameoNet is open source and is publicly available in order to assure its users that there are no built-in backdoors to allow secretive snooping.

“User requirements and needs continuously drive the development of our Multi-Messenger,” Michael Merz, founder and CTO said about the messenger. “We not only wanted to offer secure and encrypted communication but also enable simple and comfortable usage.”

In addition to end-to-end encryption cameoNet offers a variety of other features, including:

  • Multi-Channel: Messages and files can be sent via cameoNet, e-mail oder text messages.
  • Multi-Identities: One account allows you to manage different separate identities. Private and business matters can be managed with one app bit are completely separated for an external viewer.
  • Multi-Platform: cameoNet can be used on the smartphone, a tablet or a desktop device.
  • Multi-OS: cameoNet can be used by devices on any operating system via web access. Native apps are currently available for iOS and Android and will soon be available for Windows Phone, Windows 8, MacOSX and Linux.
  • Multi-Device: Users can use cameoNet on multiple devices. The messages and files are then fully synchronized between the different devices.

You can download cameoNet on your iPhone and iPad via the iTunes store.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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