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If you’re looking for ways to earn free Skype calls, look no further than Western Union. The money transfer service is giving customers who transfer money from a store $2 worth of Skype credit for international calls, giving you about an hour (depending on call rates) to communicate with a friend or family member far away. With each transaction, you’ll receive a Skype voucher code on the receipt with can be exchanged for credit through your Skype account.

Announced today, this is a great offer for students or business travelers abroad who might want to save a little bit on their global roaming carrier bill while also getting money sent to them. It’s also just in time for the holiday season.

This gives users an option to communicate, even if the other person only has a landline or feature phone

Even though Skype-to-Skype calls are free and there are quite a few other ways to get free calls, this at least gives you another option, particularly if the other person only has access to a landline or feature mobile phone.

The deal is effective immediately, and will run until April 1, 2015. You’ll have until June 30 to redeem your voucher for the free calls, which could provide a smooth transition to the summer travel season. It wasn’t specified if this offer was U.S. only, but I’ve reached out to Skype team to clarify.

Skype is available for most major platforms.

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