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Stickers have become a big part of many messaging apps and the latest numbers from LINE show just how lucrative the business is.

According to LINE’s announcement via press release, over 270,000 creators from 145 different countries have registered with its Creator’s Market and the top 10 ranked sticker sets have achieved an average of JPY 36.8 million (about $310,000 USD) in sales, with the top 30 ranked sticker sets achieving an average of JPY 23.6 million, the top 100 an average of JPY 13 million, the top 500 an average of JPY 4.6 million in sales, and the top 1,000 an average of JPY 2.7 million. As many users continue to purchase sticker sets, the pace of this growth is accelerating even now, half a year after the service launched in April.

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In total, close to 36 million sticker packs have been bought from the Creators Market, Line said, that’s from a total base of 270,000 creators. LINE sticker creators retain half of the revenues from their sales.

LINE Creator’s Market stickers are available only to Android and iOS users. LINE has not revealed when Windows Phone users will get access to the feature, though these users can still register to create stickers.

The LINE app itself is available for most major mobile platforms.

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