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Kik Messenger continues to be one of the most popular applications among teens and early 20’s users and it experienced a difference in usage over the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

Kik revealed data today that showed high usage during two points of a normal day (in this case, November 4, 2014): when users were waking up and checking in with friends and higher usage as people were settling down for the day and saying “goodnight.” The other times in the day were spent by a majority of users in school.

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This data becomes noticeably skewed on Thanksgiving: as can be seen in the following graph:

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Says Kik:

“When we looked at data from across the country by time zone, we found that people in Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Tennessee were the first to start their Thanksgiving festivities, while those in Washington, D.C., Michigan, California, and Florida started later in the day.

This can be seen in the following Tableau chart:

So what does this mean? Well for users, it means turkey and ham was more important than engaging with their friends on Kik. For brands, it gives a little insight into the best times to engage with their users, particularly during the high usage points in the evenings.

Kik is available on Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

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