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WorldSIM has just launched the “ultimate travel companion for frequent travellers” today — its eagerly-awaited WorldSIM Tri-Fi device.

Combining three vital travel solutions into one pocket sized lifesaver , the WorldSIM Tri-Fi is an unlocked wireless router (giving worldwide internet on the go), a power bank and storage device all rolled into one. The device also includes an Ethernet port, which makes it unique from other portable Wi-Fi hotspots, enabling users to plug directly into an external internet source and thereby allowing the user to create their own WiFi network.

Using this unique combination, International travellers can benefit from getting online anywhere in the world on multiple (up to 10) devices simultaneously while being able to store to 32 GB of their files and charing their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

The Tri-Fi device is only available on pre order with promotional pricing, and deliveries won’t begin until December 15th, three days after the device’s official launch on December 12th. It’s unlocked to allow any SIM card to work inside, but already comes packed with a WorldSIM data roaming SIM card that works in over 165 countries and according to the company, its service saves 85 percent on global roaming costs compared to traditional carriers.


“Until now travellers have often been forced to switch of their data and rely on trying to find a decent public Wi-Fi connection which is an annoyance to say the least,” said Arif Reza, CEO at WorldSIM. “The WorldSIM Tri-Fi gives travellers the convenience to get a secure internet connection anywhere they want, for themselves as well as those that they are travelling with.”

More information about the WorldSIM Tri-Fi device can be found on WorldSIM’s website.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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