Seattle based startup incubator Be Labs has recently announced the successful completion of beta testing for its new Strings messaging app that it says “gives users complete control over their personal conversations.” The app, initially launched in October, has seen “significant engagement with initial testers” with the app sessions increasing by 700 percent, new conversations increasing by 600 percent, and in-app comments increasing by 1200 percent during that period.

Each “string” is a unique conversation

Using Strings, you’ll be able to share what you want with exactly who you want. You can also take it back if you want, which helps to ensure that you have privacy for your content and it can’t be viewed by anyone you don’t want to view it. Once deleted, says the developer, the string and all its associated content is removed from every users’ phone and from the Strings servers permanently.

Strings allows you to send and receive not only text messages, but rich media content as well, including videos of unlimited length and high-res photos. Each “string” is a unique conversation, making it possible to have multiple conversations with the same people about different topics.

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“Strings was born out of a need for a better way to communicate,” said Edward Balassanian, founder of Be Labs. “We created the messaging app we wanted to use ourselves; one where we pull all the strings. By making it easy to control the context, content, and audience for conversations, Strings gives us the confidence and comfort to have meaningful and personal interactions with family, friends, and colleagues.”

“Strings was born out of a need for a better way to communicate”

“We think the time for Strings is now. With the privacy issues plaguing existing messaging apps, email, and texting, it’s time we had a messaging app that gives us complete control of our conversations,” said Balassanian.

Strings is currently available for iPhone download in the iOS App Store. An updated version of the app with enhanced features based on user feedback will be released in mid-January. In addition, the developer tells TruTower that an Android version of the app is nigh; they say they’re “targeting Q1 2015 timing” right now for its release. More information on its release will be provided when available.

Download Strings for iOS via the iTunes App Store.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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