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Samba has announced their expansion into wearables in the form of glanceable video previews. Today’s users are not able to play videos on Android watches and Samba will be the FIRST app that will allow you to receive a glanceable video preview on any Android smartwatch.

Friends and family members can send video messages to each other while the receiving party has their reaction automatically recorded and sent back. The end result, Samba says, is a video that plays fully synchronized with the original video. At any time, the user can tap the icon on the watch screen to open the video on his phone.

Samba, Android Wear, smartwatches

“We see wearables as another fantastic way for us to provide value”

“We see wearables as another fantastic way for us to provide value to our users and leverage new technology to make video messaging, with reactions, an even more integral tool for today’s communication”, says Barak Hachamov, Samba CEO. Barak sees a very promising future for video messaging within the wearables category and is trying to pioneer the efforts in this direction.

The Samba app’s integration with Android smartwatch is an expansion beyond Samba’s initial launch on Android smartphones last year. However, Samba says its glance video preview feature is not merely a duplication of the Samba application as seen on the phone, but is optimized to the way the smartwatch is designed to be used.

Samba is available via Google Play. There’s also an iOS version available on iTunes.

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