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Uros this week announced the addition of the Netherlands to its Goodspeed mobile internet service coverage. This brings the total number of roaming-free Goodspeed countries around the world to 65.

The Netherlands has a long history of openness to global commerce. It is the fifth largest economy in the Euro Zone and the third largest exporter in the region. More than 65% of the country’s GDP is from port activities and merchandise exports. The country has been one of the fastest growing countries in the Euro Zone following the economic crisis. The World Travel and Tourism Council expects that the level of business travel spending in particular will grow by 4.4% in 2015 to EUR4.3bn.

Data roaming is a key issue for business travellers and even with the European Union price cap the EU citizens are paying as much as £0.17 per MB used. For the average businessman this equates to a daily cost of £51 per day to remain in contact with the business. Goodspeed users can now consume in the Netherlands up to 500 MB of data a day for just £4.90 (or $7.99), obliterating the data roaming costs in the country for business travellers who depend on a data connection.

“we now cover the whole of Western Europe, alongside the vast majority of Asia, North and South America, China, Russia and Australia”

Tommi Uhari, CEO of Uros, comments: “The addition of the Netherlands to our portfolio of countries is important because of the high volume of business trade that the country performs. It also means that we now cover the whole of Western Europe, alongside the vast majority of Asia, North and South America, China, Russia and Australia. Goodspeed users can now be assured a simple, secure and predictable connection in most of the world’s key trading nations.”

Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi helps companies overcome their mobile connectivity challenges. The service is enabled by the Goodspeed hotspot, which can accommodate up to nine destination SIM cards, including the user’s own SIMs. The device and destination SIM cards can be purchased from before travelling. With Goodspeed, international travellers can create a private WLAN network and share the connection with up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices, and use data as if at home for a predictable fixed fee.

Goodspeed is similar to many other data roaming services on the market.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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