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Tango, which boasts more than 300 million users, launched a new social shopping service this morning that brings the Tango mobile app ever deeper into the realm of e-commerce and expands the app’s feature set beyond social music, Channels, and gaming and into a whole new realm.

The service is being launched in the U.S. in collaboration with Walmart, the world’s top retailer, and with AliExpress, a global consumer retail marketplace owned by Alibaba Group, the world’s leading e-commerce company.

The new service allows U.S. Tango members to choose from millions of products sold through Walmart.com and AliExpress. Tango is also planning to expand shopping options over time to include additional retailers and geographies and will be offering curated lists of products based on user preferences.

You’ll be able to create your own lists of items that you can then share with family and friends, keeping the social aspect of Tango at the core of the new service. In addition, these purchases can be made via Walmart.com and AliExpress without ever leaving the Tango app.

providing consumers with “a great shopping experience wherever they go”

“Tango offers an exciting new way for consumers to access quality products on AliExpress that are relevant to their preferences and lifestyles.” said Leo Shen, General Manager of AliExpress. “We look forward to teaming up with Tango to provide consumers a great shopping experience wherever they go.”

“Starting today, Tango becomes more than just a mobile messaging service: we’re leading the way in ‘conversational commerce,’ making it simple for consumers to connect with leading retailers using the same platform they rely on every day to chat with friends and family,” said Tango CEO and co-founder Uri Raz. “Tango is excited to collaborate with Walmart and AliExpress to revolutionize blending commerce and communication, creating a new and exciting experience for
consumers and sellers alike.”

Tango says it plans to continue innovating in the space in order to be a one-stop place for staying connected, listening to awesome tunes, and now shopping. You can ride the Tango wave yourself by downloading Tango for free on Android and iOS.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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