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Global communications company WorldSIM has reduced the data roaming charges on their worldwide data SIM card even further, by as much as 99 percent. Their new rates are significantly lower and have been applied to over 45 countries so international travellers can reduce their roaming bills even more.

In a recent survey by uswitch, Britons holidaying in the EU racked up an extortionate £573 million in roaming charges over the last 12 months, despite caps on roaming fees. Travellers outside Europe can pay as much as £8 per megabyte – 1MB is the equivalent of checking a map online once.

After a recent Survey conducted by WorldSIM, it was found that 52 percent of international travellers don’t use their tablets or phones abroad, and with such inflated roaming charges its easy to see why.

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“there are lots of things travellers can do to reduce data roaming charges”

“Keeping track of how much data you use when you travel is difficult but there are lots of things travellers can do to reduce data roaming charges; turning off automatic updates, ensuring their travel apps are available off line and getting a pay as you go SIM will keep data roaming bills manageable and travellers can better stay in control of their usage.”

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Some of the countries that WorldSIM have reduced data roaming charges for are destinations that are known for having incredibly high rates including Central America, South America and Africa, which will enable travellers to these destinations to use their tablets and portable Wi-Fi hotspots without the worry of about excessive roaming fees. Other destinations included are USA, Switzerland and Thailand to name a few.

Find out more about WorldSIM and view important links via our official WorldSIM page.

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