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Localized content is big with WeChat as it makes strides to close the gap on WhatsApp and become the world’s go-to messaging application. The most recent representation of its local focus is today’s launch of Ang Ku Kueh Girl stickers in celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday.

The 16 locally-designed stickers draw inspiration from local snacks and everyday life in Singapore. The Ang Ku Kueh Girl WeChat emoticon sticker pack is designed by acclaimed Singapore designer, Wang Shijia and her team. Shijia is not only the brains behind Ang Ku Kueh girl, but she is also the first Singaporean designer to launch a sticker pack on the WeChat sticker platform.

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“This is the first-ever WeChat emoticon sticker pack designed in Singapore, and is representative of a topic close to every Singaporean’s heart – food,” said Poshu Yeung, Vice President of International Business Group at Tencent, the company behind the WeChat app. “The very adorable Ang Ku Kueh Girl will be a welcome addition to the WeChat family and we are ecstatic to unveil them in time for the nation’s SG50 celebrations.”

“Ang Ku Kueh Girl was first derived as a way to celebrate being Singaporean”

“I’m excited to work with WeChat to commemorate this iconic milestone for Singapore,” said Wang Shijia of the release. “Indeed, Ang Ku Kueh Girl was first derived as a way to celebrate being Singaporean, and it is testament to how much the brand and local design have grown, with global names such as WeChat working with Singapore talent.”

You can start downloading the new stickers staring on August 1st, and they’re being made available to all WeChat users, even those outside Singapore, so if you want to join in the “SG50” celebration with your Singapore friends and family, you now have the opportunity to do so.

If you don’t yet have WeChat on your smartphone, you can get the latest WeChat version here.

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