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Last month, Rebtel revealed its Unlimited Calling to India Plan, which cost $8.00 a month and gave you the first month free. It’s like the Netflix of telecom in this way, giving you truly unlimited calling for one price without the fees that many global travelers might be accustomed to.

According to the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs and the CIA there are an estimated 3,443,063 Indian Americans living within the United States and 1,250,000,000 worldwide that are being overpriced by both calling cards and competitors, which is why Rebtel decided to move its way into the space and offer the service through its iPhone and Android mobile app.

“At Rebtel, we do things differently”

“At Rebtel, we do things differently,” said Varun Atrey, US Marketing Manager of the release. “Most of our competitors treat their customers as silly immigrants that can’t read the fine print. Our customers are a different type of user and breed. They are the budget conscious Rebels who do things like pass up medical school to launch a tech company, date adventurously on Tinder, and have an unyielding curiosity and zest for life. They are the positive realists, the ones who sing it all out loud, obsessive online shoppers, the charging bulls in the proverbial china shop.”

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There are a number of users who would find the new Rebtel plan useful, including:

  • International students that yearn to speak to their friends and families in India
  • Long distance couples
  • Professionals with clients or business affiliations in India
  • Americans that want to stay in touch with their friends

“Our customers are a different type of user and breed”

The plan can be added to your Rebtel account by visiting, where you can purchase the plan. Once you’ve done that, simply download the mobile app and you’re ready to go.

Right now, the service is only available on Rebtel’s iOS and Android application. There’s no word yet on when Windows Phone users will be able to take advantage of the service.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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