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A security flaw was discovered recently in WeChat that was caused by an external piece of malware and affected iOS users who were running WeChat version 6.2.5 exclusively. Many feared the security flaw had caused user information, including financial information, to leak out.

Thankfully, WeChat was made aware of the issue and quickly pushed out an update (version 6.2.6) that fixes the security flaw. WeChat was also quick to release some additional information about the update and the issue itself via its blog:

  1. The flaw, described in recent media reports, only affects WeChat v6.2.5 for iOS. Newer versions of WeChat (versions 6.2.6 or greater) are not affected.
  2. A preliminary investigation into the flaw has revealed that there has been no theft and leakage of users’ information or money, but the WeChat team will continue to closely monitor the situation.
  3. The WeChat tech team has extensive experience combating attempts to hack our systems. Once the security flaw was discovered, the team immediately took steps to secure against any theft of user information.
  4. Users who encounter any issues can contact the team by leaving feedback in the “WeChat Team” WeChat account.

You can download the latest WeChat update via the iTunes App Store if you haven’t already.

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By Josh Robert Nay

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