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Today marks the day of availability for WorldSIM’s new smart watch, which allows you to utilize your WorldSIM roaming service directly inside the watch and leave your phone at home instead of taking it with you.

The smartwatch packs an impressive 380mah battery under the hood, along with up to 32GB expandable memory. The device also lets you make and receive calls, SMS and gives you the ability to search the web through the built in browser.

Where the Neuvo is similar to other smartwatches is its ability to show you email notifications and, of course, allow you to manage your health and fitness. Finally, you can access everything from the internet, music, calls, data, camera and even video.

“This is a game changer for many travellers and an exciting new step forward for WorldSIM”

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If you’re looking to travel overseas, it’s worth noting that the Neuvo smart watch comes with an international SIM card inside so users can benefit from free international roaming in almost 100 countries as well as reduced SMS and data rates worldwide.

“This is a game changer for many travellers and an exciting new step forward for WorldSIM,” says Arif Reza, WorldSIM’s CEO. “Staying ahead of customer needs is what makes us unique; innovation is the core part of our business and always will be.”

WorldSIM Neuvo smart watches went on sale today and are available in three different colours. RRP £54.99. For your chance to win one you can enter the WorldSIM competition.

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